Members’ info

Welcome to the City of Fremantle Symphony Orchestra – a community orchestra and one of Perth’s most vibrant community groups.

Get involved!

The more you put into the orchestra the more you’ll get out of it.  We encourage every member of the orchestra (in addition to paying their fees and playing their instrument beautifully!!) to get involved and make a contribution to the smooth running of the orchestra in some way. There are many ways you can help, for example:

  • setting up and packing away before and after concerts and rehearsals
  • take posters and flyers and advertise our performances to your friends, family, neighbours, work colleagues, etc
  • folding and envelope-stuffing our newsletter FreoNotes
  • volunteer for the supper roster
  • compiling information for concert programmes
  • serving drinks on concert days

If you see an opportunity to help out, take it. If you’d like to help, but can’t think of anything you can do, ask your section leader or one of the committee members.

Membership fees

Visit our membership fees page.


Visit our rehearsal schedule page for information. Please be ready to play at 7.30pm sharp.  There is a tea / coffee break during the rehearsal.  Members are asked to contribute 50 cents each rehearsal to cover the cost of tea and coffee and will be asked to bring a plate of supper occasionally. Get to know your section leader.  Find out his/her email address and phone number and how they prefer to communicate. If you cannot attend a rehearsal or cannot play in a concert season for any reason, let your section leader know as soon as possible. We have music stands for rehearsals and concerts, so there’s no need to bring a music stand.

Concert days

Unless otherwise advised, concert dress is all black.  For each concert a section of the orchestra (violins, lower strings, brass or woodwind) will be on roster for setting up and packing away after the concert. Please help out before and after the concert when it’s your turn.  Many hands will make light work. We try to make our concerts relaxed occasions. The players are encouraged to meet and interact with the audience over a drink at interval or after the concert.

Sheet music

The orchestra has a substantial library of music. We borrow from music libraries wherever possible. Nevertheless one of our major expenses is the hiring of sheet music.  At the beginning of each season you will receive sheet music for rehearsals and performance. You may be asked to sign a receipt for the music. In order to minimise costs and maintain our good standing with publishers and libraries, it is imperative that you:

  • take care of the music;
  • ensure marking-up is only in soft pencil; and
  • return all music immediately after the performance. (There’s usually a box near the door of the green room.)

Any queries, email librarian{at}

Concert promotion

Our newsletter – FreoNotes

The orchestra operates a promotional mailing list which we use to keep in touch with regular patrons. Those on the list receive our newsletter FreoNotes prior to each concert containing details of the forthcoming concert, soloist, conductor and orchestra profiles, orchestra news and jokes. Add your loyal supporters to the mailing list: email freonotes{at}

Posters and flyers

The orchestra provides members with flyers and posters about a month prior to each concert.  The concert flyer will also be available in electronic form on this web site.  Please take these materials and use them to tell your supporters about our concerts.

Ticket sales

Through members

Ticket sales are a crucial source of revenue for the orchestra. All members are encouraged to sell tickets to our concerts.  Tickets will be available for pre-sale to orchestra members at the 2 rehearsals  prior to each concert from our promotions officer.  Ticket sales and queries can also be directed to publicity{at}

Money from the sale of tickets and any unsold tickets must be returned to the orchestra prior to each concert.

At the door

Tickets are available for purchase at the door about 30 minutes prior to each concert. All seating is unreserved.  Tickets prices are generally $30 adults, $25 concession. Children under 12 are free.  Prices may differ depending on the venue and event.


An annual general meeting of all members is held in September or October each year on a Wednesday night preceding a regular rehearsal. At the AGM the members elect a committee of representatives and discuss significant matters affecting the orchestra.  Most decisions regarding the orchestra’s affairs are made by the committee of volunteers.  Visit the contact us page for committee details. Contact a committee member if you wish to raise concerns, give compliments or make suggestions about the running of the orchestra.