David Pye – Fantasy for Clarinet and Orchestra

January 2008. Revised September 2013

David Pye writes:Fantasy music

“The Fantasy is based loosely upon the music I wrote in 1999 for Buzz Dance Theatre’s production of Rumpelstiltskin.  It does not attempt to tell the tale, but does draw upon scenes that roughly follow the plot for the first half of the story.

A dramatic opening using glissandi on the clarinet and strings leads to a jaunty (but rather twisted and grotesque) march – a depiction of a peasant village somewhat influenced by the style of the paintings of Pieter Bruegel and Hieronymus Bosch.  A lament for the solo clarinet is followed by a series of variations leading to an extended section called Goldspinning.  The sound of the rustling straw in a prison cell (depicted by loosely crumpled cellophane) is transformed into the sparkling glitter of gold. A final celebration dance in 5/4 finishes the piece off.

The Fantasy unashamedly exploits the agility and wide range of the clarinet, placing considerable technical demands on the soloist.  The C clarinet has been used in the opening and the finale for its gloriously rough and unrefined character. It has been written especially for Michael Hodgkins and the Fremantle Symphony Orchestra.”  … and will be performed at our November concert.


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