Carmen Fantasy & Shostakovich 5

>Final 2012 concert

In this concert we welcome back conductor (and well-known WA cellist) Jon Tooby.  The program opens with the grand gesture of Wagner‘s evocative Prelude to Act 1 of his opera Lohengrin.  

Shostakovich wrote much of his music under intense pressure: the officialdom of Stalinist Russia demanded (upon pains of death) he write heroic music in the classical tradition; meanwhile the composer was determined to write great music mocking the State and expressing the suffering of its people.  The result was a triumph of ambiguity – his Symphony No 5, and many subsequent works, lauded by the public and official critics alike. 

Also on the program, young WA violinist Alexandra Isted in her first concert with us, plays Sarasate‘s spectacular Carmen  Fantasy and the exquisite Traume from Wagner‘s Five Gedichte für eine Frauenstimme, WWV 91.

More information: Tickets


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