David Pye

David Pye is one of WA’s most experienced musicians, working as a composer, percussionist and conductor for the past twenty-five years. As musical director of various organisations, his programming reflects a policy of encouraging local composers combined with a practical acknowledgement of the importance of audience and musicians’ enjoyment of their music-making.

In 1983 David founded Nova Ensemble to perform the classical music of the twentieth century and has overseen the development of the group into Western Australia’s leading contemporary music ensemble, commissioning, writing, performing and recording music primarily by local composers. In 2002 he formed pi to specifically focus on the use of strings, reeds and percussion in an improvisational context.

In 1985 David was first invited to conduct for the West Australian Ballet Company, and in the following year joined the company as Resident Conductor. From 1988 to 1996, David was Musical Director of the West Australian Mandolin Orchestra.

David conducted his first program with the Fremantle Symphony Orchestra in 1997, presenting the world premieres of his own Symphony no. 1 and also Fremantle Fanfare, a work commissioned by the orchestra from local composer, Robert Schulz. As a result of the success of this concert, David was appointed Musical Director of the FSO for 1998. Since then he has conducted many programs for the orchestra, highlights including symphonies by Mahler, Shostakovitch, Bruckner and Sibelius.


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