‘Concerto’ 11 December 2011

Fremantle Symphony Orchestra will celebrate its 50th anniversary at a concert on Sunday 11 December at Fremantle Town Hall.

Former FSO conductor Peter Moore has been invited back to conduct Bartok’s most popular work, the Concerto for Orchestra which will showcase all the sections of this talented community group.

The Orchestra has also commissioned a special 50th Anniversary composition from David Pye, the current Musical Director. Entitled Quinquaginta, the Latin word for “fifty”, it is subtitled a triptych for orchestra – a term borrowed from the art world to describe a work of art divided into three panels or sections.

The three movements are framed by an extensive fanfare, on the brass at the beginning and repeated with full orchestra at the conclusion of the work.

The final movement makes use of the various family groupings found within the orchestra, for example a duet for mother and daughter on viola and double bass. It also celebrates the virtuosity of the many fine players within the orchestra. There are several families represented in the different sections making it a wonderfully cohesive and friendly group to belong to.


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